Sales Drive is the Choice that Begins with two Beliefs: Sales EQ

1. An expectation that you are supposed to and will win.

2. A Belief that everything happens for a reason.

The Expectation that you are going to win is the genesis and of optimism, enthusiasm, and confidence. When you believe you are going to win, it turns out that that you’ll win far more often than the person who expects to lose. You’ll brush off the disprutive emotions of doubt and insecurity and ask confidently for what you want, achieve your sales call objectives more often, get more micro- commitements, and close more deals.

When you believe that everything happens for a reason, your perspective on potentially negative events will be optimistics. Instead of complaining, “Why me?” When you face a setback, you ask, “How can I learn from this?” This belief is the Cradle of Optimism.

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